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All woodworkers have the same thing in common…to make whatever wood art they are building look amazing!  Rustic/live edge woodworkers, as well as furniture artisans purposely leave as much of the natural beauty as possible.  Most wood artisans don’t consider themselves artists, but instead they simply uncover the art that is already there.  At Palmer Rustic Furniture, artisan Kelly Palmer gives God the credit for painting the picture.  Kelly simply uncovered it, so that the beauty could be seen by others.

What sets Palmer Rustic Furniture apart?  It’s mostly the size of the trees or slabs that the Palmer’s are working with that sets their wood art apart from the others.

Many woodworkers have access to live edge slabs that are 24”-30”, sometimes 42” wide, but have you ever seen or heard of a stump 132’ across?  Except for Redwoods, trees usually do not get this large.  The odds of someone finding a tree this large are slim to none. If one were to find a one in a million tree this large, there are high odds of it being alive and well, and no one wants to cut a legendary tree down that is alive and well.  Then should the insurmountable odds of all this come to be, most larger trees are hollow.   Then to top that, how many people out there can cut down and slice up, or be able to handle a tree this large.

Palmer Rustic Furniture had the opportunity to do just that…

People from all over have traveled hundreds of miles to lay their eyes upon the massive, state record black oak that was once firmly rooted in a small southeastern Oklahoma town.  The small town of Tamaha, Oklahoma was so distraught with the passing away of its claim to fame, “The Tamaha Tree.”   Many wanted to have something to remember it by, so as all the limbs were taken off for safety reasons; many came by and took a little piece of it home.  After everyone gathered what they wanted, a massive pile of limb logs and the main trunk remained. Kelly Palmer was given the opportunity to remove the main trunk from its location.

Kelly has looked far and wide, on and off the net trying to find anything equal to some of the cross cuts, such as above, and hasn’t found anything in the proximity or even close.  The only trees that we have found this size are Redwoods.  Although Redwoods are beautiful, on a side by side comparison, they have very little character.

While cutting up this massive tree, Kelly uncovered three huge slices that came out in the natural shape of the state of Texas.   Everyone that has seen these pieces have been blown away at their natural beauty.  These natural pieces of art will blow your mind, and will compete with any painting, statue or work of art, anywhere.  They are simple, exquisite and beyond comparison.

Along with the three natural Texas pieces, we also offer timeline rings, which can be seen below or in our product catalog.  The timeline rings can be ordered to show how large the tree was at famous dates or custom made to show when family members were born.

These works of art are clearly priceless collectors’ items that can be cherished for eternity.  Pricing for crosscuts start at $5,000.

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Chisholm Trail is burnt into this piece and now has plaques depicting stopping spots along the trail including San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth.  Measurements on this piece excluding stand are 8’6.5″W x 7’9″H.  This piece is even more amazing in person!

wood art wood wall art home decor western decor rustic decor palmer rustic furniture large wood stigler Oklahoma state of texas art texasThis Texas piece measures 7’11″W x 7’H.

custom log furniture palmer rustic furniture wood furniture home decor stigler oklahoma wood table large wood furniture wood table decorative wood tableThis natural Texas table piece measures 7’10” x 9′.

The Tamaha Giant
The Tamaha Giant displaying it’s large timeline rings, spanning over 120 years.


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